The Woodsman

Bernie Davis (John R Smith Jnr), a Christmas tree salesman, has three trees left to sell on Christmas Eve. As the night progresses, his anxiety (and alcohol) leads him to take unconventional measures to ensure that his lot is sold and his soul is safe.


Bridgeport Film Festival 2022
Best Male Performance (Comedy) - Winner

Southeast Regional Film Festival 2022
Best Psychological Thriller (Short) - Winner

Mystic Film Festival 2022
Best Art Direction - Winner

Skiptown Playhouse International Film Festival 2022
Best Thriller Short - Winner

Tabloid Witch Awards 2022
Best Comedic Actor - Winner

The Dark Fest 2022
Best Cinematography - 2nd Place
Best Editing - 2nd Place

Shawna Shea Film Festival 2022
Best Local Horror Short - Nominee

Past Screenings

Chattanooga Film Festival 2022
The Dark Fest 2022
Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival 2022
Charlotte Film Festival 2022
Foggy Isle Film Festival 2022
Sin City Film Festival 2022
Midnight Soul Film Festival 2022
Hysteria Film Festival 2022
Norwalk Film Festival 2023
BoneBat Comedy Of Horrors 2023
Strange Maynard International Film Festival 2023

Starring John R Smith Jnr as Bernie
Produced by OTC Industries
Writer/Director: Kyle Kuchta
Producer: Bill Fulkerson
Directors of Photography: Jonathan Henderson & Bill Fulkerson
Assistant Director: Evan Fonseca
Sound: Spencer Emanuel
Grips: Michael Kuchta, Luna McCullogh, Dani Scott
Production Assistant: Tim McKinney

Casting: Dani Scott
Poster Art: Michael Ramstead
Editor: Kyle Kuchta
Original Music & Sound Design: Spencer Emanuel
Visual Effects: Justin Mashuta