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This 7-part web series follows Zach Mullen (Luke Gunn) as he goes from webcam musician to internet sensation. When he meets Maddie Jacobs (Zoë Lillian), a fellow musician, and her sister Hannah (Toby Marks), his path takes an unexpected turn.

Zach Mullen - Luke Gunn
Maddie Jacobs - Zoë Lillian
Hannah Jacobs - Toby Marks
Mom - Abdrea Biklian
Dad - James Rekart
Fan #1 - Dani Scott
Fan #2 - Monica Ricketts
Open Mic Attendee - Mary Ann Pianka

Writer/Director: Kyle Kuchta
Executive Producers: Anthony Rotolo, Michael & Sandy Kuchta
Director of Photography: Steve Darby
Boom Operator: David Beirne
Gaffer: Nash Dutton
Script Supervisors - Ohad Amram & Berlyn Reisenauer

Editor: Steve Darby
Sound Design: Terah “Bishop” Woodley II

Soundtrack with original music by Nick Anaya available via Bandcamp!