Director, Editor
At 15, Kyle's parents took him to his first horror convention. Every year after that, the one thing he looked forward to most was attending the next con. But then, when he went away to college, those weekends disappeared. In Fantasm, Kyle revisits conventions across the United States to understand what makes these gatherings so important to horror fans.

Featuring interviews with Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2), Tom Atkins (Halloween III) as well as interviews with vendors and fans,
Fantasm explores our deep rooted love for the genre from all points of view.

Past Screenings/Awards

Hollywood Horrorfest 2014
Best Documentary

NuHo Online Film Festival 2014
Audience Awarad for Best Documentary

Rock and Shock Film Festival 2013
Scares That Care Weekend Film Festival 2014
Days of the Dead (Indianapolis) Film Festival 2014
TerrorCon Film Festival 2014

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